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Mohd Shamim is a social worker and activist working for the upliftment of marginalised & backward class, Dalits and Muslims. Apart from having a successful business career, he wanted to serve his people, people who are not treated and welcomed as equal in society, and their participation & opportunities to become equal has been snatched from them. Coming from a poor background and working as a wall painter he understands, what it is like to be a person with limited resources and opportunities and be treated as unequal. It’s his vision to bring peace, harmony, and equality among all members of the society and that is the reason he named his political party “Nagrik Ekta Party”.

Why we are different

As a party born to erase all the banes of the society, the Nagrik Ekta Party holds itself to the highest standards of probity. People are tired of the status quo, nepotistic, dynastic, corrupt, criminal, and communal nature of our politics, and NEP’s emergence was a breath of fresh air in this backdrop. There are several reasons that make the Nagrik Ekta Party unique and synonymous with the idea of honest and alternative politics in Uttar Pradesh

Secular Ideals & Social Justice

NEP Stands For The Preservation Of India’s Secular And Liberal Ideals. The Party Rejects Majoritarianism In Every Form And Believes Firmly In The Constitution Of India. It Also Rejects The Politics Of "Vote Bank"

crusader against corruption.

As a flag bearer of the anti-corruption movement in Uttar Pradesh, the commitment to end corruption from politics and government forms an integral part of the party’s values and its reason for existence

Pro-People Governance

Nagrik Ekta Party is the people's government and only came into existence to serve the people of Uttar Pradesh and India.

Rejection of VIP culture

Nagrik Ekta Party believes in equality. NEP rejects the VIP treatment of the leaders chosen by the People of Uttar Pradesh.

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