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Nagrik Ekta Party

Nagrik Ekta Party is a political organisation built on certain principles. The strength of NEP is its people. Nagrik Ekta Party is not centered around any individual or leader. Its driving force is the developmental and peaceful approach to issues rising above caste or religion as everyone is equal in the party’s vision. Our strength is the people of our country and their unity that is also the motto of NEP to bring unity among all the people of our society. Society, State, or Nation emerges from the union of land, people, and culture. We have faith in national unity.

The ideology of the Nagrik Ekta Party (NEP) is “Social development and transformation as well as Economic Emancipation” of all but more importantly, people belonging to the backward class, Dalits, and Muslim community who have not been provided equally by other political parties. People of these classes have suffered a lot as they are not treated equally and have been restricted from getting equal opportunities and benefits as the majority. People belonging to these classes as well as others have been the victims of many political party’s propaganda of just collecting votes. These people have been deprived even of human rights. By the virtue of Dr. B.R. Ambedkar’s pivotal role in the framing of the Constitution of India, these groups were given a number of rights in the Constitution on a legal basis to lead a life of dignity and self-respect. But governments have always exploited people of backward classes, Dalits and Muslim communities, and deprived them of their legal rights as well.

Nagrik Ekta Party came into existence to bring all the people of the society together regardless of caste & religion and provide exploited sections of the society their due rights and opportunities, and take every one of our society towards the direction of development, peace, and unity.

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