Our Leadership

National presindent

Mohd. Shamim


National Presindent

Mohd Shamim is a social worker and activist working for the upliftment of marginalised & backward class, Dalits and Muslims. Apart from having a successful business career, he wanted to serve his people, people who are not treated and welcomed as equal in society, and their participation & opportunities to become equal has been snatched from them. Coming from a poor background and working as a wall painter he understands, what it is like to be a person with limited resources and opportunities and be treated as unequal. It’s his vision to bring peace, harmony, and equality among all members of the society and that is the reason he named his political party “Nagrik Ekta Party”.

National general secretary

Rizwan ahmed

Rizwan Ahmed

National General Secretary

Rizwan Ahmed is an advocate working and fighting for the people to get justice due to them. He completed his LLB from Gorakhpur University and he is also a member of Lucknow Central Bar member. He joined Nagrik Ekta Party to get justice to all especially people belonging to the backward class, Dalit, Muslim community.

National secretary

naeem ansari

Naim Ansari

National Secretary

Naim Ansari is a social worker and activist turned a politician to help and serve the people. Naim Ansari is a graduate of Lucknow University and has been working for the people since his college time. He kept on doing social work after his graduation and to increase the reach of his work, he became a part of the Nagrik Ekta Party, a party that came into existence from the people for the people of our country

Media incharge

Mohd. Anish

Mohd. Anish

Media Incharge

Mohd Anish with his 30 years of experience in the media and advertising business, now has the aim of showing truth to the people of our society who are being fed lies and are being restricted from knowing the truth. He wants to serve the people of our society by giving them the right information so that our society does not get mislead to the wrong path.

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