Why we are different

As a party born to erase all the banes of the society, the Nagrik Ekta Party holds itself to the highest standards of probity. People are tired of the status quo, nepotistic, dynastic, corrupt, criminal, and communal nature of our politics, and nep’s emergence was a breath of fresh air in this backdrop. There are several reasons that make the nagrik ekta party unique and synonymous with the idea of honest and alternative politics in Uttar Pradesh.


Secular Ideals & Social Justice

NEP represents the conservation of India’s ancient composite culture and current India’s secular and liberal beliefs. Nagrik Ekta Party rejects majoritarianism in each structure and believes in the Constitution of India which was framed by one of the NEP’s idol Dr. B.R. Ambedkar. It additionally dismisses the governmental issues of appeasement and ‘vote bank’. Each resident of India is equivalent before the legislature. Wherever inequality persists and communities are marginalised, the party believes that every effort should be made to create a society where each and every citizen is live with harmony and see each other as socially equal.  The individuals who have less in life must have more in law and we will ensure that.

crusader against corruption

As a flag bearer of the anti-corruption movement in Uttar Pradesh, the commitment to end corruption from politics and government forms an integral part of the party’s values and its reason for existence. Nagrik Ekta Party stands against corruption and no matter what, NEP will not compromise its position and views on the issues like corruption. Nagrik Ekta Party’s leaders and its volunteer actively work to remove grime like corruption from our society.

Pro-People Governance

Nagrik Ekta Party is a political party in which every leader and volunteer comes from ordinary people and they have came together for the people of our country and society to make a better and ideal place for each and every citizen. NEP came to existence from the people for the people of our society. We will works to ensure best healthcare and education facility for our people. We will ensure to solve all the social as well as environmental problems to ensure greatest of living standards for the people of our society.

Rejection of VIP culture

Nagrik Ekta Party is political party which swore to walk on the path of people like Dr. B.R. Ambedkar, Kanshi Ram ji and APJ Abdul Kalam who believed in equality of each and every citizen. NEP rejects the VIP treatment of the leaders chosen by the people of Uttar Pradesh. NEP believes in equal treatment of each and every person and does not allow any special treatment for the leaders belonging to Nagrik Ekta Party. All the leaders are fully accessible to the public at their official residence.

Join hands! & Help Us Grow This Movement

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